What tokens can be sacrificed?

Our address will accept ETH and ERC-20: HEX, USDC, DAI, USDT, GUSD, TUSD. On Binance Smart Chain, the tokens accepted are USDT, BUSD, USDC, BNB.


The sacrifice will start on April 15th at 4:00 P.M. UTC.
It will end 15 days after PulseChain Mainnet launch day. 

$SPEAK will be airdropped before PLSpeak protocol launches on Pulsechain.

PLSPEAK will not have any admin keys regarding smart contracts of $SPEAK token. PLSPEAK will have a minimal admin penal for add-on social media features for the platform only which is unrelated to $SPEAK token contract functionality. Prediction market function will be non-custodial to user tokens as well. “NOT your keys, NOT your coins.”

Please join our Telegram group, and we are more than welcome to answer your questions.

  • Binary – A market with two options that will resolve either $1 or $0. (ex: Will Pulsechain launched by 05/01/2022? YES/NO)
  • Categorical – A market with multiple options that will resolve either $1 or $0. (ex: Which coin will do the most X by the end of 2022? PLS/PLSX/HEX/Other)
  • Scalar – A market that resolves to where the final value sits between a lower and upper bound.
    • What will the number of burning PLSX be by the end of 2022 (500Billion-1Trillion)? Long/Short)


Yes, We will have an audit. Audit has not been completed yet because the market protocol will be implemented shortly after PulseChain mainnet launches. Once completed, we will provide this information immediately to the public. 

The supply of $SPEAK will be determined by the total USD value that is sacrificed. All $SPEAK will be minted shortly after the sacrifice.

$SPEAK will have a fixed supply, meaning that no more $SPEAK can ever be minted. Once the token contract launches, it will be immutable. PLSPEAK could double the supply. This could be used for liquidity, burning, protocol security from attack etc.

$SPEAK will have a complete fair launch, so there will be NO TEAM TOKEN.

$SPEAK holder should have no expectations of profit from PLSPEAK.

At the launch of PulseChain, $SPEAK will be worth nothing; we will let the market dictate the value by itself.

After the airdrop, your $SPEAK Token should be seen in your Metamask wallet.

User will be using STABLECOIN to wager. The selection of stablecoin will be determined by the market once pulsechain launches, ideally within 2 months.

PLSPEAK is powered by Pulsechain, which is a forked chain of ETH blockchain, providing ETH chain level of security but with a significantly cheaper transaction cost and higher transaction throughput.