The Web3.0 Social Platform

PLSPEAK is the FIRST Web3.0 Social Platform in Crypto that let users DISCUSS, TRADE on the world’s most highly-debated topics (politics, crypto trend, Sports, world events etc.). You can build a portfolio based on your forecasts and earn a return if you are right. When you decide to buy shares in a market, you are making decision based on your own knowledge, research, and view of the future.

Our Mission

PLSPEAK’s mission is to provide an unbiased social platform for everyone. Users can feel free to enjoy FREEDOM OF SPEECH in our platform, NO political correctness, NO censorship, we embrace different political sides and opinions, we also provide a protocol to allow users to back up their words by betting on their beliefs.

Everything is a bet, Family fight, couple’s argument, NFTs, heated conversation during a basketball match, EVEN LIFE IS A BET…but often it’s just ALL TALK NO ACTION!

Why Choose PLSpeak

Connection of Social Platform and Information Market

People are sick and tired of scammers’ comments, click farms, censorship from mainstream social media platforms nowadays, and want to find a better platform to use but most of them are just copycats of Twitter/ FB. Regarding these issues, our platform would take the huge first step to innovate social media platform by connecting a social platform with a prediction market protocol.







Volume Boosting

Polling in prediction markets brings up the controversy between 2 or more sides of opinions. Volume and interaction come with controversy and help to scale up our social platform, creating reinforcement feedback in the two systems.

Quality of Comments

Users would be given a badge showing the side they wagered and the size of their market shares(Whale, Shark, turtle, etc…). When an economic value is tied to their opinions, the credibility and quality of the comments could be visualized more clearly, and the general quality of comments would increase dramatically as well. Also, ownership of the user’s own opinion is also secured.

Informative Value

Putting your money in the voting, the market would show the most genuine information about a topic. Let the money do the talking! Our platform enables us to filter out meaningless information easily and find the truth directly.

$Speak Token Mechanism




PLSPEAK – The truest social platform in crypto

ALL IN ONE Social Platform

Different from other prediction market, PLSPEAK allows you to post your respectful opinions and discuss with other users, you may also reward $SPEAK token to the person who shares the same view as yours.
We are planning to have additional features for PLSPEAK platform utility in the future as well. SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Enriching the PulseChain ecosystem

Being the first truth social platform built in crypto, PLSPEAK hopes to be a bridge for mainstream adoption for PulseChain. With the expansion of PulseChain ecosystem, PLSPEAK would be an important puzzle piece for mass adoption.

Native Deflationary Token $SPEAK

$SPEAK will have a fixed supply meaning that no more $SPEAK can ever be minted.  Once token contract launches it will be immutable.
$SPEAK can only become rarer with less supply in the future.

Earn with $SPEAK


$SPEAK is a fair launch token that has its supply capped after the initial launch. In addition, a part of the market processing fee will be used to BUY & BURN $SPEAK. By fixing the total supply of $SPEAK and using the revenue of our protocol for BUY-back and BURN, $SPEAK would capture the volume of our protocol and $SPEAK holder could hugely benefit from its appreciation value.


Besides BUY & BURN, another sum of the market processing fee will be distributed to the $SPEAK Staker in STABLECOIN. As a $SPEAK holder, they could earn unlimited passive yield reward while enjoying the appreciation value of $SPEAK.

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